UWindsor Professors Write Letter to President Gordon Condemning University's Racist Treatment of Jordan Afolabi

In a rather unprecedented move, a group of UWindsor faculty (including Law, Education, and Women’s Studies Professors), graduate students, and law students have issued an open letter to the UWindsor President Robert Gordon condemning the administration (particularly Danieli Arbex, Charlene Roe, and Ryan Flannagan) and demanding the end of the University’s racist treatment of Black UWindsor Law Student Jordan Afolabi. The letter can be read below: 

June 2nd 2020 - Faculty Group Statement Edited
The release of this letter raises serious questions as to the recently appointed President’s ability to lead the University through a time of heightened racial turmoil. It also suggests there may be serious internal doubt of his leadership from within his own team. The letter comes just on the tailwind of a series of statements issued by over 40 UWindsor student groups condemning President Robert Gordon’s recent Instagram post (a post that received over 200 comments of condemnation– and by far the highest number of comments ever received on any UWindsor Instagram post) and calling on the President to address the racism within his own administration. Many of these comments also referenced the ongoing case of Jordan Afolabi’s experience with the Univeristy.

Jordan Afolabi is a black UWindsor Law student who– despite being found by the University’s own investigation as well as the accounts of multiple witnesses to have been acting in self-defense from the unprovoked attack of Joseph Yakow (a fellow student who assaulted Jordan and subsequently filed false criminal charges stating that it was Jordan who attacked him)– is still banned from various locations on campus and has been labelled a “legitimate health and safety concern” to staff members while no disciplinary action has been taken against the student who assaulted him.

Additionally, in this process Jordan has faced multiple acts of retaliation from administrative members such as Danieli Arbex and Charlene Roe. Such actions include the filing of false police reports concerning Jordan’s actions in their offices, multiple procedural and confidentiality breaches, and the fabrication of documentation related to his case. Jordan has produced multiple recordings of his conversations with these administrative members that seemingly contradict the statements made in their reports to the police.

Jordan Afolabi was banned from these offices in response to his repeated attempts to have the University respond to evidence and complaints he had submitted demanding that the University take disciplinary action against the student that assaulted him, and filed false criminal charges against him, as well as various members of the University that had chosen to ignore his complaints.

According to Jordan, he was contacted in February in response to an article that had aired by a group of professors wishing to learn more about his ongoing experience with the University administration. Jordan met with the professors and presented them cogent evidence of the situation.  Members of the group took time to review the documents and upon reaching consensus began drafting a letter in April. The group has now issued the letter to the President and is awaiting a meeting.

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