For the background story leading up to the main incident described in the above video, please view the narrative described from the date of first contact between Jordan until March 27th, 2019 on Danieli’s page. In the above attached video, recorded evidence is produced of  DanieLI ARbex– UWindsor’s Academic Integrity Officer– activating her emergency panic button to alert police as soon as Jordan Afolabi (a black UWindsor student) arrived at the Office of Student Experience after he had received her consent via phone call to attend just over an hour prior to his visit. 

Danieli and Jordan shared a brief phone conversation (which can be heard in the video below) at approximately 9:45 on the morning of March 28th, 2019 in which Danieli can be heard consenting to Jordan’s request to attend her office at 11:15 am in order to speak with her about his case while physically referencing relevant documents. 

Danieli then proceeds to confront Afolabi and– without any proof to confirm– repeatedly accuses him of having attended the office without her permission. Danieli repeatedly mentions that she sent Jordan an email shortly after speaking but refuses to acknowledge the possibility that Jordan did not see the email and proceeds to deal with him as though he had. Danieli’s email sent shortly after their phone call, and suspiciously forwarded to the police can be seen below: 

Danieli Arbex Sketch Email

Though the University of Windsor has retained the services of a third party human rights investigator and has launched a formal investigation into Danieli’s discriminatory actions, Danieli has not been removed from her post during the investigation and is still free to deal prejudicially with other Black students with absolute impunity.