Black Legal Action Center Writes Open Letter to UWindsor President Addressing Campus Anti-black Racism

The Black Legal Action Center (BLAC)-- an Ontario-funded advocacy group of Black legal practitioners-- has recently issued an open letter to UWindsor's President Dr. Robert Gordon condemning the University of Windsor's treatment of Jordan Afolabi as well as the University's "failure to deal adequately with issues of anti-Black racism when they arise".  Jordan [...]

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  • PT 2: Danieli Arbex : Abusive University of Windsor Administrator

    PT 2: Danieli Arbex : Abusive University of Windsor Administrator **CORRECTION** 13:42 The title at the top of the page states: "Policy and guidelines on Guildlines" intended: "Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination" **UPDATE** The University has taken down their review page and disabled comments in response so we encourage you to leave Google review instead. Type in "University of Windsor" on Google. On the right side you will see their picture as well as their google review when you scroll down. Send an email to the OSE OSE email address: OSE email draft: "Danieli Arbex's conduct towards Jordan Afolabi was absolutely shameful. Her unprofessionalism and prejudice make her unfit for her roles as Academic Integrity Officer and Student Conduct Officer. I stand with Jordan in condemnation of the OSE for justifying her behaviour. The University of Windsor Student Body deserves better." Links: Previous Video- Joseph Yakow, Violence in the Odette Witness Accounts: Josiah Noah Jordan pleading with police, subsequently sent email by Ryan Flannagan denying him access Link to University of Windsor Facebook page Help hold them accountable by making a recommendation on their page. Mention what happened with Danieli Arbex and be sure to leave a the link at the end. #exposeuwindsor

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Corrupt Integrity Officer Danieli Arbex Pushes Panic Button When Black Student Arrives for Appointment

For the background story leading up to the main incident described in the above video, please view the narrative described from the date of first contact between Jordan until March 27th, 2019 on Danieli's page. In the above attached video, recorded evidence is produced of  DanieLI ARbex-- UWindsor's Academic Integrity Officer-- activating her emergency [...]

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