The Black Legal Action Center (BLAC)— an Ontario-funded advocacy group of Black legal practitioners– has recently issued an open letter to UWindsor’s President Dr. Robert Gordon condemning the University of Windsor’s treatment of Jordan Afolabi as well as the University’s “failure to deal adequately with issues of anti-Black racism when they arise”. 

Jordan Afolabi is a black UWindsor student who– despite being found by the University’s own investigation as well as the accounts of multiple witnesses to have been acting in self-defense from the unprovoked attack of Joseph Yakow (a fellow student who assaulted Jordan and subsequently filed false criminal charges stating that it was Jordan who attacked him)– is still banned from various locations on campus and has been labelled a “legitimate health and safety concern” to UWindsor staff members while no disciplinary action has been taken against the student who assaulted him.

These “health and safety” concerns were raised after Jordan Afolabi protested the multiple procedural violations (in the form of premature suspensions laid during the investigation as well as the withholding of disclosure) as well as false police reports made by the University’s  Misconduct Investigator Danieli ArbexThough the University has confirmed that Jordan Afolabi has not violated the Student Code of Conduct, he still remains under sanction. 

Afolabi was eventually banned from multiple UWindsor administrative offices in response to repeated efforts to follow up on unanswered evidence and complaint submissions he had made demanding that the University take disciplinary action against Yakow as well as various administrative members of the University that had chosen to ignore his complaints.

Over the past year, Afolabi has compiled extensive evidence of his experience with the UWindsor administration through both personally documented records as well as records obtained from UWindsor’s legal department through numerous FOIA requests. Recently, a lawyer from the Black Legal Action Center made contact with Afolabi to learn more about the case and upon reviewing the evidence related to the matter, the BLAC team drafted and issued the following open letter to the University of Windsor: 

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