The Bad Apples


Joseph Yakow

Joseph Yakow attacked and assaulted a black computer science student in a frightening and shocking display of violence on the University of Windsor campus. Yakow subsequently filed false allegations to the police and the University concerning the incident claiming that an “unknown black male” assaulted him without provocation. Yakow claimed he never touched the student had no idea why he was attacked. He went as far as stating that during the alleged onslaught of the black student he “blacked out” twice and saw a “white haze”. He explicitly stated that he wanted the innocent black student expelled from the University and criminally charged and convicted of assault and uttering threats. Though the University has acknowledged that Yakow’s allegations were false and that he was the one who assaulted the black student, Ryan Flannagan (the AVP-SE) has refused to take any disciplinary action.


Afif Nassif

Afif Nassif Uwindsor #ExposeUwindsorAfif Nassif was a HUMAN RESOURCES professor at the University of Windsor who was called upon by a black student for help shortly after the Joseph Yakow had assaulted the black student. Rather than responding as any HUMAN RESOURCES professor should to workplace violence, Nassif literally laughed at the black student, asked him “Why are you telling me this”, informed the student that he was “really absolutely the wrong person to be talking to about this” and stated “I don’t want to deal with it”. The HUMAN RESOURCES professor did not advise the black student to call the police, did not take measures to ensure that the area was safe, nor did he examine the student for injuries. Even worse than the fact that a HR professor failed to adequately respond to a black student’s report of workplace violence, Afif Nassif has worked as a “Racial Bias Consultant” for the CBC producing analysis specifically of ANTI-BLACK racism in a CBC MARKETPLACE SPECIAL. It would be hard to think of anyone more qualified to respond to a black student’s concerns of workplace violence than a “Racial Bias Consultant” Human Resources Professor. Despite the student producing these recordings to the University, to our knowledge, no disciplinary action was taken towards the professor. To see more (including the recordings of these conversations) follow the button below.


Danieli Arbex

Danieli Arbex Uwindosr #ExposeUwindsorDANIELI ARBEX: is Uwindsor’s Academic Integrity Officer who lied to police about a black student and attempted to frame him by claiming he aggressively entered her office against her explicit direction, harassed her and attempted to physically intimidate her. Additionally, Arbex breached the confidentiality rights of the black student, filed false documents in relation to his student record, and demanded that he not be allowed to return to the Office of Student Experience. Though Arbex is currently being investigated by the Uwindsor’s Human Rights Office for her actions, she has been permitted to continue in her position during the investigation where she can still interact with other black students.


Ryan Flannagan

#ExposeUwindsorRyan Flannagan is Uwindsor’s Associate Vice President of Student Experience. Ryan banned a black student from the Office of Student Experience on account of the false allegations of one his employees (Danieli Arbex). The student (who recorded the interaction) sent Ryan copies of the evidence. Ryan refused to even listen to the recordings and stated that he knew the black student’s claims were false because he had “worked with Danieli for three years”. Ryan also tried to hide the evidence by not immediately forwarding the student’s complaints to Human Resources as he was supposed to. In a conversation with the black student, Ryan defended the actions of the white woman who lied about the black student by stating that she was scared and that she “does not have any ability to resist you [the black student] physically. She’s not a police officer. She does not have a gun on her.” When the black student complained about these words and informed the campus that he had recordings of the conversation, Ryan made extreme effort to prevent the University from hearing the recordings arguing that the University was not allowed to hear the evidence due to “settlement privilege”. Ryan’s exact words were that “communications of this type must be deemed inadmissible, as a ruling to the contrary would have a significant chilling effect on the AVP-SE’s future discussions with students regarding misconduct matters.” Lastly, Ryan– despite repeatedly admitting with his own words that Yakow’s assault on the black student violated the University’s Student Code of Conduct, refused to take disciplinary action against the student citing “humanistic considerations” as the reason. 


Charlene Roe

Charlene Roe Uwindsor #ExposeUwindsorCharlene Roe is the Assumption Hall (Uwindsor president’s office) secretary that called the police on a black student who was following up with a human rights complaint that he had submitted to the office 6 weeks earlier with no response. In a recording of the call obtained by the black student by way of a Freedom of Information Request, Charlene can be heard stating that a “black male” who was “loitering” was there “ratting out profs and other students”. Charlene further stated that the student had refused to state his name or “his business” when asked (all of which were false allegations as can be verified with the black student’s recording of the visit). Despite the fact that the University has initiated an investigation into Charlene’s actions, to the best of our knowledge, she has not been suspended during the investigation and is still permitted to interact with other black students.


Douglas Kneale

Douglas Kneale Uwindsor #ExposeUwindsorDouglas Kneale is Uwindsor’s former interim president. He has since transitioned into the role of Provost upon the arrival of Robert Louis Gordon (the new president of the University). Kneale received a 23 page human rights complaint from a black student. The complaint contained detailed documentation of many acts of impropriety committed admin during a non-academic misconduct investigation that he was the subject of. Dr Kneale received the complaint and chose to ignore it for over 40 days before the student began attending his office to see if the complaint was received. During one of the student’s visits, the president’s secretary (Charlene Roe) reported the student to the police as she was frustrated by his persistence and upset about the nature of his complaints. In response, Jordan was informed by the police that Kneale instructed them to issue a trespass notice to the student because his workers were “adamant in fear”. Further, it was reported to Jordan by the police that Kneal stated he had intentionally disregarded the human rights complaint on account of his desire to avoid a conflict of interest in the role he was transitioning to as he would be working closely with employees named in the complaint. Our campus deserves better than a derelict president that chooses to ignore ongoing human rights violations on his campus simply because it may have been inconvenient.