#ExposeUwindsor is a group of Uwindsor students, faculty, alumni, and staff that have taken it upon ourselves to reclaim the culture of our University starting with the rampant prevalence of anti-black discrimination within Uwindsor’s administrative team. It is our position that there has been far too much discretion and permissions of confidentiality afforded to dishonest members of the Uwindsor administration. Discretion and confidentiality are the seat of modern institutional discrimination. For in their very nature they are immune to scrutiny yet effective to distinguish between the subjects of consideration. The fight against institutional racism at Uwindsor must begin with the replacement of discretion by adherence to measurable structured procedure and the exchange of confidentiality for integrity and transparency. It is #ExposeUwindsor’s mission to enforce this reformation of our campus. This website will list the profiles of administrative members known to be discriminating against Uwindsor members of colour, the facts, details, and evidence of their discriminatory behaviour, and finally– for each member identified, an outline of the appropriate remedy to the effects of their impugned behaviour.

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