Joseph Yakow

PT 1. Joseph Yakow: Violence in the Odette

PT 1. Joseph Yakow: Violence in the Odette

This is the first of what will be a four part series exposing the injustice that Jordan Afolabi has, and still continues to suffer at the hands of the university.

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Posted by Expose UWindsor on Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Joseph Yakow is a UWindsor student who attacked and assaulted a computer science student (Jordan Afolabi) in a frightening and shocking display of violence on the university campus. After Jordan  defended himself from the attack, Yakow subsequently filed false allegations to the Windsor Police Service and the University of Windsor concerning the incident claiming that an “unknown black male” assaulted him without provocation. Yakow falsely claimed he never touched the student, never did anything to provoke the alleged beating, and had no idea why he was attacked . He even went as far as stating that during the alleged onslaught of the student he “blacked out” twice and saw a “white haze”. This is despite multiple witness accounts claiming that Yakow was the aggressor throughout the conflict. He explicitly stated in his  police reports that he wanted the innocent student expelled from the University and criminally charged and convicted of assault and uttering threats. Yakow’s statements lead to the university student Jordan’s arrest, incarceration, and charge with assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats. Additionally, Jordan was suspended from attending the University and banned from campus during the University’s investigation of Yakow’s claims. Though the University has acknowledged that Yakow’s allegations were false and that he was the one who assaulted Jordan, Ryan Flannagan (the Associate Vice President Student Experience) has refused to take any disciplinary action. As far as the University is concerned Yakow is free to repeat his actions any time.

February 14th, 2019: Joseph Yakow Assaults Jordan


On February 14th, 2019, Joseph Yakow attacked and assaulted Jordan Afolabi on the University of Windsor campus. The full details of the incident that occurred are contained in the video above.

At the time, this student was unknown to Jordan. While entering the Odette School of Business, Joseph was unintentionally struck by the momentum of the external door as Jordan opened it in a rush. In anger, Joseph verbally accosted him and proceeded to repeatedly physically assault him. In Jordan’s efforts to defend himself from the attack, Joseph sustained visible injuries to his facial area. As the student recoiled from Jordan’s defence, Jordan took the opportunity to escape the small area as he was terrified from the attack.


Subsequently (approximately 1 minute after the incident occurred), Jordan encountered his Human Resources Planning professor (for the class he had been on his way to) and immediately reported the incident to him. The professor laughed and informed him that he was “the absolute wrong person to be talking to about this”. Jordan’s interaction with this professor is recorded and has been provided to the University. Jordan received absolutely no help from him.


After his classes, Jordan went home to rest. Upon the encouragement of his friends and family, he decided to attend the Campus Community Police station to report the incident, though he felt there was little hope of being able to identify the student that had assaulted him. Upon his arrival, campus police informed Jordan that Joseph had already filed a false police report concerning the incident.

Joseph Yakow False Police Report Uwindsor

In the report, the student claimed that he had been attacked and beaten by an “unknown black male” after he had pushed the male “in an effort to defend himself”. After it became apparent that there were no witnesses to be found, Joseph then returned both to the University as well as the police multiple times; this time stating that he had not even touched Jordan nor done anything to provoke an altercation beyond asking Jordan why he had struck him with the door. Joseph insisted that Jordan was a dangerous student and demanded that he face criminal prosecution as well as expulsion from the University. He even stated to the University that he would not be returning for classes in any case if Jordan was not expelled. Due to these allegations, Jordan was suspended, banned from his campus, later on arrested, incarcerated and charged, while the University initiated an investigation into the matter.


Though it was within the University’s power to do so, no witnesses were consulted during the investigation. It was through Jordan’s own investigation that two witnesses were later found; both of which agreed to be interviewed concerning their account of the incident. The interviews can be viewed below: 

Witness Statement: Josiah Green

Eyewitness Account 2. Josiah Green

Eyewitness Account 2. Josiah Green

“I was very surprised that he had gotten more blame than the other person”

This is the article referenced in the interview.


Posted by Expose UWindsor on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Witness Statement: Noah Laliberte

Eyewitness Account 1. Noah

Eyewitness Account 1. Noah

“He did what I would’ve done, what anyone I know would’ve done.”

Jordan has never met nor communicated with Noah. This interview was conducted by a third party.

This is the article referenced in the interview, which was published 4 days before Noah reached out to us.


Posted by Expose UWindsor on Wednesday, February 12, 2020


After a period of over 3 months, Jordan’s charges were dropped and the investigation was ended. Throughout this time, Jordan still had strict campus access restrictions and was required to attend multiple court-dates while also shouldering the cost of legal fees. Additionally, while suspended, Jordan’s health quickly declined as he his appendicitis condition worsened. Jordan pleaded with the University to resume consultation with his on-campus Doctor (who had begun a diagnosis of Jordan’s condition) but the University refused to allow it. Jordan was hospitalized a total of three times during this period as a result of his abdominal pains which culminated in the life-threatening rupture of his appendix and emergency invasive surgery to remove the infection. 


Though the University has been made aware of the blatantly fabricated nature of Joseph’s allegations, there has been absolutely no disciplinary action taken against him. Further, Jordan himself has been disciplined yet again by the University in response to his persistent efforts to have the student held accountable through the University disciplinary procedures. Please refer to the attached videos for further information including eye witness statements, factual analysis, and Jordan’s own account of the altercation. More details (including recordings of calls in which Jordan can be heard pleading with the University to see his doctor) can be read in our article titled “Despite New Witnesses, Ryan Flannagan Refuses to Discipline Student who Assaulted/Falsely Accused Black UWindsor Student”